YAIDS is a Multi-Threaded Intrusion Detection System using Yara. YAIDS supports all valid Yara rules (including modules) and any PCAP compatible data stream (Network, USB, Bluetooth, etc.)."

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TeamSploit makes group-based penetration testing fun and easy, providing real-time collaboration and automation. TeamSploit is a suite of tools for the Metasploit Framework. TeamSploit should work with any MSF product (include, OpenSource, Express, or Pro).

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Unsploitable is an emergency patcher, providing critical security patches and updates for commonly exploited vulnerabilities in common operating systems, services, and applications.

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Defensive Tools For The Blind (DTFTB) is a collection of Windows and Linux tools that automate: post exploitation, backdoor, and rouge access discovery, for defenders. DTFTB allows a system defender to quickly and precisely locate common backdoor tendencies and system misconfigurations used by an attacker to maintain access.

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NetProfiler Suite

Automatically profile your network, building a packet filter of common known-good traffic. Useful for IDS filtering and network monitoring.

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twitter2rss will obtain all friends of a specified twitter account, and then create an OPML feed list. The feed list will contain all of the obtained friend's twitter RSS feeds, which can then be imported into any standard feed reader.

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metashell is a lightweight, heavy punch, interactive, intelligent command-line shell. The amazing difference with metashell lies in its ability to determine a file's datatype, and automatically run your desired applications.

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Insidias IDS

Insidias is a next-generation intrusion detection engine, with a focus on speed, efficiency, advanced pattern matching, parallel-processing, modularity, and expandability. Development On Hold

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Cyber Warfare Games

Develop and Deliver Capture the Flag (CTF), Red verse Blue (RvB), and King of the Hill (KotH), cyber warfare events. Interested in participating or hosting a game? Contact me.

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